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ACE-FTS and MAESTRO being wrapped with gold foil SCISAT Launch Diagram ACE in orbit above the Earth TOMS Ozone ACE Logo ACE-FTS Interferometer Pegasus Launch Vehicle ACE and MAESTRO Polar temperature and ozone trends SCISAT Logo, CSA Version First stage of ACE launch ACE instruments wrapped in gold Optics bench Inside TVAC (Thermal VAcuum Chamber) Canadian Space Agency logo Cold shroud mounted inside TVAC Second stage of ACE launch SCISAT Payload SCISAT orbit latitudes Pegasus XL Launch Vehicle close-up MAESTRO Flight Model MAESTRO diagram FTS Optical Layout FTS Integration to spacecraft bus SCISAT in orbit above the Earth FTS Interferometer side FTS input optics side SCISAT in orbit Arctic Ozone Decline ACE Sunset Occultation diagram
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  • Radio Canada International, "The Link": August 16, 2008

  • CBC Radio: January 15, 2005

  • CBC Radio: January 27, 2004

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