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This page is included as a reference for ACE mission information for the RECONCILE team and will provide useful tools and links relevant to our mission. Presently, the ACE-FTS retrieves 28 molecules routinely and isotopologues for some of these molecules also. Updates have been created for O3 and N2O5 that are routinely retrieved. At any point in time, several other molecules are retrieved as "research products" with a slightly modified version of the retrieval software. Software version 2.2 is the current version of the FTS level 2 retrievals (information on retrieval levels here) and version 3.0 will be available in the near future and could be made available if desired. Also, ozone, NO2 and optical depth profiles are retrieved from the ACE-MAESTRO measurements and atmospheric extinction profiles at 0.525 and 1.02 microns are obtained from the ACE-IMAGER observations. Important information about ACE retrievals and the molecule list can be found in the Documentation section of this page.



ACE Acknowledgement

In any publications using ACE data, it is important to acknowledge the Canadian Space Agency for the funding of the SCISAT satellite. Any text that recognizes the Canadian Space Agency as funding the ACE Mission is permitted, but we have provided a sample to use that meets this requirement. This simple statement has been used in many publications with ACE data.

Sample ACE Acknowledgement

The Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE), also known as SCISAT, is a Canadian-led mission mainly supported by the Canadian Space Agency.

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